Mejora el rendimiento mental y la energía. Con potentes nootrópicos. 

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Cognition & Focus Enhancing Nootropic

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Get your head in the game!

Outbreak TRANSMIT™ is the hardcore focus and cognition boosting nootropic you need to survive another day in this post-apocalyptic world. What does it do? TRANSMIT™ works by using studied and proven ingredients and extracts that boost focus, provide energy, increase cognition, and amplify memory to make you the most powerful and precise version of yourself possible.

TRANSMIT™ can be used by anyone that requires laser focus, faster reflexes, increased concentration, amplified cognition, and both short and long term memory. The combination of energy boosters make it far more effective than the old world energy drinks with zero calories and no crash afterwards. The initial focus boost will be felt within 20 minutes. However, TRANSMIT™ should be used consistently for at least 30 days for the longer term benefits to be fully appreciated.


Cognition and focus enhancing nootropic

Clinical dosing of ingredients

Sharp focus and mental clarity

Contains caffeine to give a rapid energy boost

Increases productivity

Increases memory retention

Why. Outbreak designed Transmit to be used any time during the day to increase mental performance and energy. Containing bacopa monneiri, caffeine and phosphatidylserine, this supplement packs a punch – a punch of focus to the brain. If you need focus, clarity and energy, then Transmit if the product that you should have in your supplement stack.

When. Use daily for 30 days for long lasting increased concentration, enhanced cognition and amplified memory stores. Effects can be noticed within 20 minutes of consuming. Consume in the morning or just before you need focus for a heavy workload

Who. This supplement would be great for gamers who need fast reflexes and focus, for people who need a little extra help to get their work or writing done, or even for lifters to give you a jolt of energy before training. Students, gamers, athletes, business people – basically anyone that needs a mental edge.

Everyone needs focus and extreme focus at times. If you need a sudden burst of energy to study well, to focus on your workout, business plan or your gaming session, Transmit provides a long steady release of energy and nootropic solutions to keep that brain active.

See an explanation of every ingredient below.

Bacopa Monnieri (std. 50% Bacopasides) 300mg

Supplement bacopa monnieri has been clinically shown to improve cognition by lowering anxiety levels. It is also effective at improving memory formation. Bacopa monnieri interacts with the dopamine and serotonergic systems, but its main mechanism concerns promoting neuron communication. It does this by enhancing the rate at which the nervous system can communicate, by increasing the growth of nerve endings. We have included a full clinical dose in TRANSMIT™.

Alphasize® (Alpha GPC) 200mg

Alpha GPC is one of two highly pure and trademarked choline ingredients in TRANSMIT. We opted to provide the choline via two different compounds to ensure survivors got the best of both worlds. Choline is used to create and protect new brain cells. Choline is converted by the body into acetylcholine, which is one of the neurotransmitters most involved in processes related to memory formation, retention, recall, mathematical and verbal reasoning, planning, and focus.

Phosphatidylserine (std 20%) 200mg

Phosphatidylserine (PS) works primarily on cognition by both boosting it and preventing its decline longer term. PS has been shown highly effective at boosting attention in children, adolescents, and adults with dosages between 100-300mg a day. PS also reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, allowing you to think more clearly and calmly during stressful situations (Like gaming, studying or surviving the end of the world).

Caffeine 200mg

Just the right amount of caffeine to provide energy that works synergistically with the focus enhancing nootropics in TRANSMIT™, but without causing a crash or jitters. We found 200mg of caffeine worked perfectly with the other stimulant Dynamine® to produce a laser focused euphoric feeling.

Methyliberine (as Dynamine®) 50mg

Dynamine® is a brand new mental stimulant that provides mental energy, laser focus and a slight euphoric mood lift. Dynamine® does not raise the heart rate or cause jitters, and works perfectly with a medium dosage of caffeine to give you a mental bost far exceeding any energy drinks on the market.

L-Theanine (as TheaKalm®) 200mg

L-Theanine is a non-sedating but calming compound. It works perfectly to reduce the perception of stress and lift cognition. It also works to prevent any jitters or anxiety that stimulants like caffeine can cause. A combination of L-Theanine with caffeine (200mg each) is noted and studied to be synergistic in promoting cognition and attention.

Citicoline (as Cognizine®) 125mg

Cognizine® is another Choline source in TRANSMIT™ that once converted to acetylcholine in the body provides a massive amount of benefits including boosting cognition, focus, and promoting memory formation. There are numerous studies showing it is effective at increasing both short term and long term attention levels as well.

Outbreak Nutrition. 

Have you ever wondered in how hard conditions people prone to the outbreak of epidemic have to live? In such a situation they need the strongest and the most effective medicines to survive. The same happens in daily life and the support of Outbreak Nutrition’s supplements provides for the increased needs. Our products are produced in a specialized way not only to survive daily problems, but also to easily overcome them. They allow to obtain maximal effort ability, effective regeneration and better strength and endurance. They are produced according to the rules of good production practices, therefore we guarantee their absolutely highest quality.

Disfruta de esta excelente potenciador nootrópico que mejora el rendimiento mental y la energía en tu tienda online de confianza: ""

Información nutricional:


Bacopa monnieri [Partes aéreas] (estandarizado a 50% de bacósidos), AlphaSize (que contiene 50% de Alpha-GPC), fosfatidilserina 20%, cafeína anhidra, L-teanina (de Camellia Sinensis [hoja] como TheaKalm), metiliberina (como Dynamine 40 % sin sabor [que produce 50 mg]), citicolina (como Cognizin), Huperzia serrata [Planta entera] (estandarizado a Huperzina-A al 1%).

Otros ingredientes: sílice, estearato de magnesio.

Advertencia: el suplemento contiene dextrosa y puede no recomendarse si es diabético.

Modo de empleo:

Como suplemento dietético para adultos sanos, tomar una dosis de 1-3 cápsulas con abundante agua.

Si es la primera vez que utilizas nootrópicos, se recomienda comenzar tomando una dosis de 1 o 2 cápsulas durante los primeros para evaluar la tolerancia.

Para usuarios más experimentados, tomar una dosis de 3 cápsulas por la mañana para un impulso diario. 

También se puede tomar justo antes del momento del día en que necesites un impulso de energía extra y/o una gran concentración mental. 


Envase de 90 cápsulas vegetales. 


Los productos aquí mostrados son suplementos nutricionales según lo establece la Directiva Europea 2002/46/CE sobre complementos alimenticios y todos ellos pueden ser vendidos legalmente en todos los países de la Comunidad Europea, por los artículos 28, 29 y 30 del tratado de la Comunidad Europea y por los artículos 1 a 4 de la Decisión del Parlamento Europeo número 3052/95/CE.

Los suplementos alimenticios no tratan de sustituir una dieta equilibrada y variada, únicamente se presentan con el fin de complementar la ingesta de nutrientes de una dieta normal.

Tampoco tratan, previenen, diagnostican o curan ninguna enfermedad, hechos atribuibles a los medicamentos, según define la Directiva Europea 2004/27/CE, de 31 de marzo, del Consejo y del Parlamento Europeo sobre medicamentos.

Se reserva el derecho de enviar productos a países donde el país de destino no permita.

Los productos no deben utilizarse como sustituto de una dieta o medicación y deben estar fuera del alcance de los niños.

El consumo de los productos debe ser controlado por un profesional, ante cualquier duda, siempre consulte a su médico.

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