Potente termogénico que aumenta la quema de grasa y suprime el apetito. Fórmula de vanguardia.

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Premium Ultra Strength Lipolytic Fat Burner

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Marca: Sparta Nutrition


Why. Hydra Shred delivers a packed out formula including stimulants that enhance energy expenditure and help to curb hunger, allied to a range of fat burning ingredients including different forms of carnitine, garcinia cambogia and a novel TRPV1 agonist which directly boosts metabolic rate as well as a glucose disposal agent that helps keep your muscles full and your waist trim. With rave reviews from America, Hydra Shred is an elite class fat burner, a class apart from most others.

When. Hydra Shred should be used only when you are dieting although due to the strong stim stack, it can also double up as a preworkout. We do not recommend taking this within a few hours of taking a stimulant based preworkout such as Kraken.

Who. Dieters wanting a science based, fast acting fat burner which is also available as a great tasting drink to help keep you hydrated when dieting.

- Makes getting lean easy.

- Enhanced energy expenditure.

- Scientifically advanced fat burning formula.

- Transparent, clinically based dosing.

- Available as a great tasting drink or convenient pill form.

- Appetite suppression kicks in within the first hour.

Hydra Shred Review

Hydra Shred is another highly rated supplement from one of the most exciting brands around at the moment. Hydra Shred is the first dedicated fat burner from Sparta and follows a similar template to their bestselling preworkout, Kraken, by adopting a high energy formula that kicks in quick!

Hydra Shred Formula Breakdown

Hydra Shred follows Sparta's philosophy of disclosing transparently the dose of each ingredient which confirms that this is a fat burner dosed to deliver results for you in a hurry.

Hard Hitting Stims

The first thing you feel when taking Hydra Shred is a rapid upsurge in energy accompanied by a profound dimunition in your level of hunger. This is due to Hydra Shred's inclusion of several stimulating compounds including a 6-phase caffeine matrix as well as next generation stims such as J.Regia, DMHA and Eria Jarensis, a trifecta of compounds that enhance mood, appetite suppression and energy. In fact, so strong is this energy blend that many will find Hydra Shred a good candidate for a preworkout supplement.

True Fat Burning Ingredients

However, Hydra Shred is more than just a thermogenic that crushes hunger. It includes a number of compounds that will help you get into shape more quickly:

Banaba Leaf - Helps with glucose management making you better able to utilise carbs for fuel without excess insulin release. The effects of this will be to drive carbs into your muscles.

Vanillin - A TRPV1 agonist which helps increase energy output and enhance fatty acid oxidation.

Garcinia Cambogia - Rich in hydroxycitric acid, this is undoubtedly one of the hottest fat burning supplements of the last few years.

Acetyl L-Carnitine - ALCAR is widely used as a supplement for its ability to improve focus which will help keep your mind off food while also playing the same role as other forms of carnitine in enhancing fat loss.

L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate - A form of carnitine with actual research showing its ability to not only enhance fat loss but also improve performance.

With such a rich formula and great doses it is no surprise that Hydra Shred has won such rave reviews since its release. All of our reviewers remarked on its energy enhancing and appetite suppressing effects with a noticeable impact being reduced calorie intake accompanied by enhanced energy output. All this and as a bonus it even tastes excellent in its flavoured format!

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Información nutricional:

Sparta Nutrition Hydra Shred (120 tabletas)

Tamaño del servicio: 4 tabletas.

Servicios por envase: 30

Cantidad por servicio % DV

L-carnitina L-tartrato: 2000 mg

Acetil-L-carnitina: 500 mg

Eria jarensis: 200 mg

DMHA: 150 mg

Vanilina: 100 mg

Banaba: 60 mg de plomo

Granos del paraíso: 50 mg

Extracto de J. regia: 50 mg

Cafeína anhidra: 50 mg

Dicafeeine anhidro: 50 mg

Cafeína: 50 mg

Extracto de Yerba mate: 50 mg

Extracto de guaraná: 50 mg

Extracto de grano de café verde: 50 mg

Cirsium oligophyllum: 50 mg


L-carnitina L-tartrato, Acetil-L-carnitina, Eria jarensis, DMHA, Vanilina, Banaba, Granos del paraíso, extracto de J. regia, cafeína anhidra, Dicafeeine anhidra, cafeína, extracto de Yerba mate, extracto de guaraná, extracto de grano de café verde, cirsium oligophyllum.

Otros ingredientes: Dextrosa, celulosa microcristalina, hidroxipropilmetilcelulosa, ácido esteárico, estearato de magnesio, glicolato de almidón sódico, almidón, dióxido de titanio, fd&c azul #1, fd&c #40, sílice.

Modo de empleo:

Como suplemento dietético para adultos sanos, tomar un servicio de una a dos tabletas en el desayuno. 

Tomar un segundo servicio de una a dos tabletas unas 6 horras después.

No exceder la toma de 4 tabletas en un período de 24 horas.

Después de 8 semanas de uso continuado dejar un periodo de descanso de 2 semanas sin tomarlo.


Envase de 120 tabletas.


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