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Increase Fat Metabolism Naturally

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Why. Hydrafit is a stunning new female oriented fat burner which dispenses with the traditional ineffective female fat burning ingredients like CLA (only shown to work in the obese) and instead incorporates the cutting edge of natural fat fighters based on the very latest scientific research. Hydrafit will help you enhance fat loss both by burning more fats off as energy as well as making it harder for your body to get fat in the first place. As a bonus, it does this without including any harsh stimulants.

When. Hydrafit is designed for dieting women who can take this for periods of up to eight weeks at a time. We suggest a 2 week break at that point before recommencing use again.

Who. Athletic women wanting a fat burner which is actually effective in getting them into the best condition of their life!

- The only clinically based female fat burner.

- Metabolic optimiser.

- Clinically validated ingredients.

- Clean energy and focus.

- Enhanced energy expenditure.

- Inhibited fat storage.

Everybody knows that women have a harder time with getting lean than men but only by addressing the reasons why can females hope to unlock the key to a leaner, harder physique.

Why Women Struggle to get Lean

Compared to men, women have a lower level of muscle mass which immediately puts them on the back foot when it comes to losing body fat because your degree of muscle mass is a key variable in determining your body's basal metabolic rate. Furthermore, due to hormonal differences between men and women, female athletes will struggle to get lean, especially on their lower bodies even when they diet and train perfectly.

In Hydrafit, Hydrapharm have produced a female fat burner that has taken an exhaustive look at the state of current research in clinically tested, natural fat burning ingredients which have been shown to deliver results for women.

What Makes Hydrafit Different

Hydrafit is a fat burner specifically designed for women that want real results, and no false promises. The choice of ingredients as well as the dose has been carefully selected to maximise fat loss while preserving all-important lean body mass for female athletes.

Formononetin - An isoflavone found in red clover, formonentin has been shown to inhibit fat cell development[1], reverse diet-induced obesity, increase energy expenditure, improve insulin sensitivity and even increase bone density!

Sinatrene™ - A blend of polyphenols found in sweet oranges, grapefruit and blood oranges, a recent study showed that this polyphenol blend not only provided great levels of antioxidants but also significantly boosted lipolysis.

Oleuropein – This is another ingredient of particular relevance for women: It reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, reduces inflammation in fat deposits, and is a potent antioxidant... particularly in the skin. Indeed, oleuropein, is frequently sold in overpriced cosmetic/beauty supplements!

Rounding out the formula are caffeine, green tea extract, vitamin D3, and the gentle thermogenic zingerone -- all of which are well researched ingredients that can assist your efforts in shedding excess bodyfat. No dubious bells and whistles here. Hydrafit provides proven ingredients that you can put your faith in, at doses that are sure to lead to results.

We're not going to make claims here about how much firmer your physique is going to get, or how much fat you'll lose. Use Hydrafit as directed for four to eight weeks, and you'll be a believer yourself."

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Información nutricional:

Hydrapharm Hydrazine 90 cápsulas

Tamaño del servicio: 2 cápsulas

Servicios por envase: 45

Cantidad por porción% DV *

Mezcla patentada Hydrafit: 1072 mg *

Sinatrene, (mezcla de polifenoles de naranja dulce / pomelo / naranja de sangre), oleuropeína, extracto de té verde, cafeína, formononetina, zingerona, vitamina D3.

*Valor diario no establecido


Sinatrene, (mezcla de polifenoles de naranja dulce / pomelo / naranja de sangre), oleuropeína, extracto de té verde, cafeína, formononetina, zingerona, vitamina D3.

Otros ingredientes: celulosa microcristalina, harina de arroz, estearato de magnesio

Modo de empleo:

Como suplemento dietético para adultos sanos, tomar 2 cápsulas por la mañana y otras 2 cápsulas por la tarde.

Se recomienda tomar junto con alguna comida del día.

No superar la dosis diaria recomendada.


No debe ser utilizado por personas menores de 18 años. Este producto está diseñado para ser utilizado por adultos sanos normales y no debe ser utilizado por cualquier persona con condiciones médicas conocidas. No utilizar en caso de embarazo o lactancia. Consulte con su médico antes de comenzar cualquier dieta o programa de ejercicios. No exceda la dosis recomendada. Consulte con su médico antes de comenzar cualquier dieta o plan de ejercicios. No exceda la dosis recomendada. El uso incorrecto de este producto no mejorará los resultados y no es aconsejable. Utilice únicamente según las indicaciones. No utilizar si el envase ha sido manipulado. Mantener fuera del alcance de los niños, guardar en un lugar fresco, seco y evitar el calor excesivo. 


Envase de 90 cápsulas.


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Los suplementos alimenticios no tratan de sustituir una dieta equilibrada y variada, únicamente se presentan con el fin de complementar la ingesta de nutrientes de una dieta normal.

Tampoco tratan, previenen, diagnostican o curan ninguna enfermedad, hechos atribuibles a los medicamentos, según define la Directiva Europea 2004/27/CE, de 31 de marzo, del Consejo y del Parlamento Europeo sobre medicamentos.

Se reserva el derecho de enviar productos a países donde el país de destino no permita.

Los productos no deben utilizarse como sustituto de una dieta o medicación y deben estar fuera del alcance de los niños.

El consumo de los productos debe ser controlado por un profesional, ante cualquier duda, siempre consulte a su médico.

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